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Our History
Travel back to 1934 and see how it all began...

If you were to go back in time, you would have found Mr. Rudy Buchheit at work making the business what it is today.

In 1934, Rudy Buchheit learned the importance of customer service when he set up shop in a Missouri hamlet during the depths of the Depression. He got into the grocery business over 80 years ago by promising to pay $25 a month on the purchase of a former saloon building in Biehle, MO.

In that same year- 1934- Rudy left the family farm, bought a truck and started hauling livestock, hay, and corn to St. Louis from Perry County. Mr. Buchheit stocked the store with $250 worth of groceries, 50 gallons of salted herring, 50 lbs. of flour, 100 lbs. of white beans, 280 lb. barrels of salt, and hand ground coffee beans.

Buchheit operated out of this building from 1934 to 1986.

As time at the original facility went on, few hardware items were added along the way, and he began selling livestock feed. At the time, he was packing it in floral-print bags, which women used to make clothing.

Mr. Buchheit poured everything back into the business.

"I didn't take a salary until the late 50's," Mr. Buchheit said. "We ate well, but I didn't make any money."

Mr. Buchheit raised his 11 children in the house next to the store. The store kept growing as customers came from as far away as St. Louis to shop in Biehle, whose population today is about 160.

The Buchheit company logo is a wagon wheel. The history behind the wagon wheel sums up the thriving business very precisely. Mr. Buchheit speaks of the teamwork represented by the wagon wheel. He said that the hub or center of the wheel is viewed as the team pulling together, just as a hub holds the spokes together so the wheel can turn.

The company has grown steadily since the early 1930's. No longer is the inventory limited to grocery and hardware items. The company has grown to employ over 650 people, occupy eight locations, and has over 65,000 items in stock.